2016 June Update

Thank You for Helping with Special Offering

I want to thank those who were able to help a bit extra with the furnishing of our worship center. I would like to give a special thanks to Pastor Kyle Haynes at Shadow Mountain Baptist in CA, and also the Wiesner family from Crossroads Baptist in KS, who gave very sacrificially. I would also like to add thanks to Liberty Baptist in NC, and Horizon Baptist in CO for their generous gifts. This will greatly speed up our being able to use this space for Gods glory. We have already purchased the piano that we needed.

Soul Winning

During the warmer months we take advantage of the good weather by focusing more on personally witnessing to people outside. This month, I tried to witness to 635 people. About 170 people allowed me to go through the Gospel with them. Around 5 let me get their phone numbers, having committed to pray to accept Christ. Please pray for power in witnessing and for fruit that remains.

New Football Season has Begun

Our ministry to football players continues. We have new people join the team all the time, which gives me the opportunity to witness to them. Please pray for more fruit with this team.

Progress on the Building

We finished painting this month. Also, the floor tile has been laid. This next week we will install the doors, lights, and switches. We will also get the area around the doors finished. There are three more things that we need to finish. We need to sand and varnish the stairs, to install baseboards, and to install plaster panels in the front. We might have our first service next month, please pray!

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