Our Family

Adam Young
Birthday December 13th, Graduated from University of California at Davis, and West Coast Bapsist College. Loves Reeses peanut butter cups.
Angela Young
Birthday October 12th, graduated from West Coast Baptist College,
Alex Young
Birthday June 26, 2002, He likes eating pizza, and playing Angry Birds, with legos, or the Wii, and his favorite color is teal.
Amelia Young
Birthday April 23, 2005, her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is pizza, and she likes to go outside and run.
Alisa Young
Birthday August 12th, 2007, her favorite color is purple, she loves imitation crab sandwiches and she likes to paint.
Autsin Young
Birthday March 2, 2009, his favorite color is yellow, and he likes to pretend he is Zoro or Robin Hood, and loves to wrestle his dad.