Building Program

Digging the hole for the foundation
These are the foundation blocks
Laying the first block for the walls
These are the walls almost done with crossbars in place
This is the floor of the second story complete
This is just before we started building the roof
This is a picture of me right after the chiminy was done, more that a little scary up there
These are nine trusses that we built on the ground and lifted into place with a crane
This is the back of the building with the roof done and the windows had been installed
This is the front of the house with some of the roofing still needing to be finished
This is the garage after the floor was poured, can't wait to keep the car warm in -30 weather
This is the second floor where the chruch meeting place will be, the pulpit will be between the chimiys
This is the front of the buidling with the roof complete, and windows and doors installed
This is the begining of the instalation of the insulation and the siding to keep the building warm

Buidling Project Location