Thank you for caring! our mission as independent Baptists is to preach the gospel to the utter most part of the world

Missions displays the heart of God for a lost world. The greatest need that the world has today is for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For the last 10 years my wife and I have been in the serving God in Russia. We are currently in the city of Samara which as 1.3 million people. Here we are building a house/church that will be able to sit 80-90 people in the services. We are reaching people through soul winning, but also are seeing young men and women saved throught the friends we make coaching an American football team. We are sent out of
Lancaster Baptist Church
and serving with
Baptist International Missions Inc.

Prayer Update

Sarah Segar's Coworker comes to Church and gets Saved

Sarah Segar has been here in Samara for almost a year now. She was able to enter the country by becoming a part-time English language teacher, which counting all of the hours of travel she must do, is really a full-time job. This status allows her to be here and learn the language which is the most important thing at this stage...